Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Use of Video in Social Studies: An Active Approach

Frequently, teachers use video as a source for developing content knowledge. While one goal is connected to the content, another simultaneous goal should be the critical thinking of students.

To engage students with video, some teachers create a set of guiding questions. Even though this may reveal key ideas with the video, this can also cause students to watch/listen carefully for the answers to questions.  Another approach the encourages students to bring their own thinking to the table involves the teacher utilizing open-ended strategies. In this approach, teachers can facilitate the learning and offer guidance and insight related to quality of student thinking that's applied.  Overall, the goal is to use a resource strategically (in this case, a video) to elevate critical thinking and understanding content.

National Geographic has a set of videos that capture teachers using classroom strategies that elevate critical thinking and a thoughtful approach to using videos to support student learning.

The video series, titled Experiencing Film: An Active Approach, shares the following ideas/strategies for engaging students with video:

  • Film Freeze Frame: Observations
  • Film Freeze Frame: Predictions
  • Auditory Perceptions: Sketches
  • Auditory Perceptions: Community Web
  • I Am From: Poem
  • I Am From: I Appreciate My Neighbors Who...
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